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[technopoetics] - Alexandre Dacosta


Alexandre Dacosta | 2022 | 8 min 33 sec | BR

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

[technopoetics] is composed of object-poems and graphic poetry by the brazilian visual artist Alexandre Dacosta. These works are part of the book [tecnopoética] (Editora 7 Letras / 2011). Writer, narrated, composed music and directed by the author himself.

√ - Gesa Kolb, Till Gombert

Gesa Kolb, Till Gombert | 2021 | 4 min 44 sec | DE

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

Partnerships often maneuver somewhere between turmoil and reconciliation, distance and togetherness.

In the experimental silent film “√”, the partners Gesa Kolb and Till Gombert reflect on complex process of growing together within long-term relationships.

24 Hour Clocks - Dirk de Bruyn

24 Hour Clocks

Dirk de Bruyn | 2023 | 20 min | AU

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

24 Hour Clocks is an experimental documentary about Surveillance and the iconic Flinders Street Station in Melbourne that marks the shift from material analogue technologies associated with the British Empire to the contemporary digital. The film contrasts its role of servicing its proletariat workers through the 50s to its present tourist destination and a more precarious diminished role in a diversified networked city permeated by ephemeral digital technologies and a COVID legacy.

8  (汉语)

Meizhu Yan | 2022 | 8 min 47 sec | CN

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

A 20-year-old girl ended ten years of love.
At this moment, she can’t tell what is love or persistence is.Are they the burning fire?The marks carved on the skin with compasses? Reverie or belief when lying on the earth with her eyes closed?Perhaps they are just emptiness, just ordinary day after day, one August 8th, another August 8th.Before it comes, the August 8th is flowing and surging in it, the August 8th arrives on time.When it was after the final farewell and letting go, the August 8th still comes and goes.Can’t tell what day is today, can’t tell which August 8th it is ,all in all, today is August 8th again.
Tragedy has no solution ,but can be sublimated.The same is true of emotions, so does persistence, and so does love.

A Dream of Hawaii - Thomas Smoor Isaksen

A Dream of Hawaii  (Drømmen om Hawaii)

Thomas Smoor Isaksen | 2022 | 10 min 26 sec | NO

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

In a world covered in plastic, Pete leads a nomadic life where he dreams of the pearly white beaches of Hawaii. Will his long journey bring him to a place not covered in plastic waste?
A tale about plastic pollution stretched to the extreme and human hope for survival in a desperate situation.

A Feast That Never Comes [15m] - Maria Juranic

A Feast That Never Comes

Maria Juranic | 2022 | 14 min 58 sec | US

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

Four characters inhabit cycles within cycles of contentment, discontentment, inertia, movement, desire, and betrayal. A story emerges—told through the marriage of music (Ex-Fiancée) and dance (ChrisMastersDance)—functioning as a set of nesting dolls, inviting you to uncover as many layers as you wish.



Maria Juranic | 2022 | 10 minutes | AT

Radar Vienna AUSTRIAN Competition

The mountains, an archaic powerful environment.
Existing as if beyond time, guardians of this world. A soul landscape.
What is the fascination with this environment that some feel?

This film is a collaboration and meeting point of the two performers, two women with a special relationship to the mountains. It is inspired by the meaning that this environment has for them personally.
It is a collage of personal stories overlapping with stories and anecdotes of other female wanderers and mountaineers, such as Nan Shepherd (The Living Mountain) and Rebecca Solnit (Wanderlust).

A MOUNTAIN PORTRAIT is a film project and collaboration by and with Andrea Hackl and Elisa Pol

ELISA POL – actress, based in Italy
ANDREA HACKL – choreographer, dancer, visual artist / film maker, based in Amsterdam and Austria

A Psychogeography of Mourning - Shayna Connelly

A Psychogeography of Mourning

Shayna Connelly | 2022 | 8 min 30 sec | US

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

A Psychogeography of Mourning uses static imagery and unpredictable sound to reconcile the contradictory interior and exterior experiences grief elicits.

Ada Bojana - Janka Dósa

Ada Bojana

Janka Dósa | 2022 | 2 min 47 sec | HU

Radar Vienna ANGEWANDTE ANIMATION Competition

The adventure of a boat building contest at the border of Montenegro and Albania.

Air - Astrid Rothaug

Air (Wassermusik)

Astrid Rothaug | 2022 | 2 min 16 sec | AT

Radar Vienna AUSTRIAN Competition

This Film is a commissioned work for STYRIARTE. While attending a concert, our mind carries us to the strangest places when we allow our imagination to run wild. This animated short is based on a concert, “Wassermusik”, attended at STYRIARTE. During the concert, the music evoked a large variety of imaginary landscapes in my head, which I later sought to revive when animating the sequences.

Animal - Patrick Moser


Patrick Moser | 2022 | 9 min 7 sec | US

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

An experimental work exploring animal relationships through onsite performance, puppetry and mimicry.

Applause, applause. - Sarah Braid

Applause, applause.

Sarah Braid | 2022 | 1 min 24 sec | AT

Radar Vienna AUSTRIAN Competition

“Applause, applause” shows the connection between the economic situation of people in system-preserving jobs and their physical and emotional condition in times of crisis.

Are You OK? - Faiyaz Jafri

Are You OK?

Faiyaz Jafri | 2021 | 4 min 45 sec | US

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

A fragile balance,
Vulnerable and lonely—
You doing OK?

As Boys grow… - Valentina Savi

As Boys grow…

Valentina Savi | 2022 | 2 min 30 sec | IT

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

As boys grown… is a divertissement about sex education in the middle of ‘50. All found footage is used in creative commons or public domain.

“I have focused my works on the reuse of archival material in such a way that we can creatively and critically reinterpret past history especially with regard to marginality and its representation in ‘audiovisual.
“As boys grow…” fit into a strand on the decolonization of the patriarchal gaze” (Valentina Savi)

As Simple As This - Raha Razavi Ghashghai

As Simple As This

Raha Razavi Ghashghai | 2022 | 4 min 24 sec | IR, LU

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

A square-headed child puts a mirror and scissors into a weapon to change the imperfections he sees. Mortified and hopeless of the damage done to himself, he faces an altering truth about life in a simple conversation with his mom.

“As Simple As This” is a short narrative animation created by three Iranian independent female artists; Raha, writer and director from Luxembourg, Saba, Illustrator from Tehran, and Sara, Musician from Paris; “As simple as this,” tells the unravelling story of what’s worth involving oneself in an outer world of destruction with simply smiling to the future and accepting each other’s inner beauty. (Raha Razavi Ghashghai)

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