Pascale Tétrault

Technological craftsmanship, changing lenses

We now mostly create our digital images through interacting with interfaces without really knowing or questioning what lies beneath the screen. We are encouraged to be thankful for a simplified creative experience, but does this serve our imagination, our uniqueness and specificity as artists?
Symposium: Th, 20 April @ University of Applied Arts Vienna
Pascale Tétrault2023-04-21T07:05:03+00:00

Martin Reinhart

Tinkering fundamentals

Thought experiments often go back to a shift in known parameters: imagine to stop time! Imagine that the speed of light was only 30 km/h! But what happens if you make these shifted parameters the basis of your technical developments and implement them as functions in machines?
Symposium: SA, 22 April @ University of Applied Arts Vienna
Martin Reinhart2023-04-21T07:11:30+00:00

Marian Saunders

Re-scratching The Frame: Keeping The Archive Live

An ephemeral, “fugitive” art form, the Light Show does not exist as an object, but as shared experiences. How does the contemporary artist-researcher re-animate the archive of knowledge, techniques, and materials of this elusive art form as new live practice?
Symposium: Th, 20 April @ University of Applied Arts Vienna
Marian Saunders2023-04-21T07:02:59+00:00

Lenka Hámošová

Sensing the Synthetic: Exploring the Role of Affect and Human Embodiment in AI-Media Synthesis

This presentation focuses on the importance of incorporating the human body into the co-creative process of AI-media synthesis. Among artists working with AI, the term “co-creation” has been established to describe the collaborative nature of AI-driven media synthesis and human-AI interaction.
Symposium: Th, 20 April @ University of Applied Arts Vienna
Lenka Hámošová2023-04-21T07:05:53+00:00

Joseph Whitmore

The Machine Zone: A Practical Examination of Accepting Artificial Intelligence

This presentation will outline a speculative reframing of the current views held towards creating artwork with tools that are artificially intelligent (AI). This reframing will be referred to as ‘The Machine Zone’, a conceptual place where these tools of creation are not viewed as tools, but as collaborators.
Symposium: Th, 20 April @ University of Applied Arts Vienna
Joseph Whitmore2023-04-21T07:04:08+00:00

Zsolt Gyenes

Wobbulator - Early Media Instruments Today (W–EMIT)

The talk/presentation focuses on the use and rolling of such early media instruments today as Raster Manipulation Unit (Wobbulator) and Jones Colorizer/Mixer. Such extracts from artworks of contemporary artists will 'color' the presentation like Kalpana Subramanian, Walter Wright, Sara Bonaventura, Scott Kildal, and the author.
Symposium: Fr, 21 April @ University of Applied Arts Vienna
Zsolt Gyenes2023-04-21T07:06:31+00:00
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