Michaela Müller


Michaela Müller

Embodied Practice in the Digital Age

PRESENTATION: FRIDAY – 21 April, 2023, 11:00 @ University of Applied Arts Vienna

Surprisingly or not, animating directly under the camera has not lost in popularity with the rise of digital animation techniques. Could it be, that the need for tactility in the animation process is the reason for this? In this presentation, I explore my artistic work in relation to the role the body plays in the creative process. How do I develop new scenes, and what does it mean to think with my hands?
Although I am native to analog techniques, I am also fascinated by digital possibilities and sometimes try to incorporate them more into my work. In doing so, I would like to express myself as simply and directly as I can when painting with a brush. Maybe I need to learn coding to get to the core of digital gesture?
Based on some examples of attempts to merge digital and analog creation, I wonder if it will ever be possible for me to make artistic films detached from bodily experiences.


Animation artist Michaela Mueller graduated with an MA in Animation and New Media from the Academy of Fine Arts, University Zagreb, Croatia, and holds a diploma for teaching visual arts from the Lucerne University of Applied Arts, Switzerland. Her animated short films Miramare (2010) and Airport (2017) have been shown at hundreds of film festivals around the world, where they won many awards. She explores the connections between paint and film, encompassing short animated films, installations and collaborations in a performative context.