Faulty Technology - Sabina Suru

Faulty Technology

Sabina Suru | 2020 | 4 min 30 sec | RO

Radar Vienna INTERNATIONAL Competition

Faulty technology is a multimedia project that questions the potential of visual mutation based on technological glitches and accidents. It renegotiates the connections between dissociated fields: analogue vs. digital, still vs. moving image, body in presence vs. absence. It builds on decomposing the moving image medium that records fluid body movement back into the structural photographs, frame by frame, from digital to analogue: digital frame to printed material – here, an inkjet printer that shifts the basic images into a visual realm that is no longer recognizable within the initial visual frame. By looking into the anatomy of the medium and growing back into moving image, analogue slides back into the digital in a resulting hybrid that feels more like an “object”, a piece difficult to label as belonging to a particular field, bringing forth a version of reality that can only by seen through the glitched instrumenting technology.