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Joseph Whitmore

The Machine Zone: A Practical Examination of Accepting Artificial Intelligence

This presentation will outline a speculative reframing of the current views held towards creating artwork with tools that are artificially intelligent (AI). This reframing will be referred to as ‘The Machine Zone’, a conceptual place where these tools of creation are not viewed as tools, but as collaborators.
Symposium: Th, 20 April @ University of Applied Arts Vienna
Joseph Whitmore2023-04-21T07:04:08+00:00



We 19.04.



Festival Program

Program 2023 – Festival and Conference for Artistic […]

Festival Program2023-04-11T19:36:16+00:00

Zsolt Gyenes

Wobbulator - Early Media Instruments Today (W–EMIT)

The talk/presentation focuses on the use and rolling of such early media instruments today as Raster Manipulation Unit (Wobbulator) and Jones Colorizer/Mixer. Such extracts from artworks of contemporary artists will 'color' the presentation like Kalpana Subramanian, Walter Wright, Sara Bonaventura, Scott Kildal, and the author.
Symposium: Fr, 21 April @ University of Applied Arts Vienna
Zsolt Gyenes2023-04-21T07:06:31+00:00

Pitching Competition


Radar Pitch […]

Pitching Competition2023-04-16T18:45:01+00:00
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